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Chakra Balancing Meditation Technique

Chakra Balancing Meditation Technique Image


One of the best meditation techniques for opening and balancing points chakra meditation technique is visualization. In this technique, the color attribute of each chakra is exploited and used an instrument to stimulate and awaken that particular chakra.

Lets start first though by giving a brief overview of the chakra system and how they work. extent of Chakra are energy vortexes residing in the astral body and transmute energy between the three bodies that make up a human being. There are three bodies are the physical body, astral and mental body. Essentially Charka energy move between these bodies, raising or lowering the frequency of energy when needed.

Each chakra resides at a particular location along the column from the base to the crown of the head, and the health of the chakra is reflected in the health of organs and systems in that particular region. In addition, chakra points are responsible of personality traits and the chakra in balance, it means having a physical, emotional and mental bodies in balance too. So now you have an understanding chakra points, lets deepen the meditation technique of visualization that can be used to open, heal and balance the chakras.

Each chakra point is associated with a particular color, and using this information along with the power of concentration and visualization can help stimulate a particular chakra, and assistance for the opening. Below is the color chart that shows the particular color associated with each chakra point. Each of these colors you should apply, as described meditation on the script below it.

Chakra Point Color Chart:

Root chakra meditation color: Red
Sex chakra meditation color: Orange
Navel chakra meditation color: Yellow
Heart chakra meditation color: Green
Throat chakra meditation color: Blue
third eye chakra meditation color: Indigo
Crown chakra meditation color: Violet

To practice chakra visualization meditation technique, one must follow the step by step instructions below.

1. Or lie on your back, or sit in the cross-legged position with your back straight.
2. Close your eyes and take five deep slow breaths to help relax and clam the mind.
3. Now begin to visualize the color red at the base of your spine like a bright ball of red light. Feel your breath entering and leaving the center without ceasing to imagine a red ball of light emanating from that place.
4. After a minute or two in the root chakra, move up to the sex chakra and repeat the exercise with the color orange.
5. In this fashion work through all the other chakras as well, where is the navel chakra at the solar plexus, heart chakra at the sternum, the throat chakra in the throat and third eye chakra in the middle of the forehead.
6. Once the cycle, relax for a few minutes and then finish the meditation, saying that he is healthy, balanced and peaceful.

The above chakra meditation, works through the chakra system whole, but if you are interested in opening and balancing just one particular chakra, just concentrate on doing the visualization meditation with that specific chakra color only. This chakra balancing method is very effective, but need to use it with caution, as it must be physically able to handle the flow of energy increased which can occur when the chakras are activated and opened.

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