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Prayer Is Meditation

Prayer Is Meditation Image
Many get this statement confused, that prayer is different to Meditation.. While many have believed all teachings of prayer in comparison to meditation are two separate things, the truth is they are just the same.. Let's take a look at the similarities so you can see what i mean more clearly..

PRAYER IS MEDITATION - PRAYER - Sitting quietly and praying to a higher energy, some refer to as god or angels or whatever you choose.. Some ask for forgiveness of sins, greed etc.. Or sometimes you ask for blessings or healing on others.. Generally prayer involves sitting quietly for at least 10 to 15 mins by standard means.. In the bible however in reference to prayer longer periods of time were devoted more similar to meditation and in order to connect more deeply to the inner self..

PRAYER IS MEDITATION - MEDITATION - Sitting quietly, focusing on your breath and claming your thoughts.. Letting thoughts pass by until deeper in a meditative trance.. The experience in trance is undescribable, it is like connecting to your self fully, feeling loved and with no fear.. Meditation allows less thoughts of greed (or common sins in reference to above) in daily life when practiced often.. It also connects you to higher levels of consciousness which in prayer could be considered a sign or experience.. Meditation is very healing and allows a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around us..

Look at the above examples and comparisons, as you can see the references of prayer are the same in many ways to meditation.. Does this indicate, the evidence and many references and similarities that prayer was a type of meditation technique..?

"What do you think..?"

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