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Ancient Roman Religion

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First Group/Fellow Pagan September 10th 2007

What was your first experience like meeting a group of pagans, whether it's at a festival, a local group organization etc. If you've never been to another group, talk about the first "pagan" you've met, how you met them, and the experience.

I realize pagan is not always a suitable word for everyone to describe their path or faith. But it's a universally recognized term and just makes it easier when trying to target a specific audience.

"The first time I met any fellow Pagans was at the local herb shop. Through the owners, I was able to find others in the area that I didn't know about. We had a meetup group for a while, but it closed due to fund issues. Someday, I hope another person will start a local group. I would, but I can't afford the dues."

"In any case, it was nice meeting local pagans."

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